Generosity of Mother Earth


I have recently really noticed how abundant and generous Mother Earth and all of creation is. With every tree, flower, fruit or vegetable that grows, there is an abundance of seeds to ensure that we’ll always have what we need.  The planet naturally balances itself this way and always provides.  I sometimes wonder how I could ever again worry “if there will be enough,” when every apple has the means to grow more apples, and every cucumber too. I could list all the ways that I have been amazed by this lately, however I think that would be a long list!

I had the brilliant opportunity to meet with an Aboriginal Elder a few months ago and he is the one who planted the seed in my awareness for me to see that everything I need is both within me and around me.  He helped me to see that the creator always provides, I just need to see it…stop looking for it, just see, feel and know it.

Thank you to all aspects of life, of this journey, of this planet and beyond.


Observations about consciousness

The other day I looked out the window and I saw a group of birds all flying together.  They were graceful, they were beautiful and they were free!   They were silent, they weren’t bumping into each other and they flew together seemingly without any effort.  I remember reading quite a few years ago that scientists have been trying to understand how fish swim in schools and how there are swarms of insects that swirl and dance together.  They were hoping to learn about how they do that so that humans could benefit.  I remember thinking that it would be cool to understand that.


As I looked out of my window the other day, I finally understood it.  I understood how they fly together, how they swim together, and how they dance and move together with grace and ease without talking.  I am sure there are others who already have this figured out, but it was an exciting moment for me!  What I realized and deeply understood is that we are all the same, we are all one, we are all consciousness (awareness), even rocks, trees, insects, birds, reptiles and other mammals.  We are all the same.  I’ve read it before from Eckhart Tolle in the Power of Now and from his Weekly Present Moment Reminders, such as this one:

“When you are present you can sense the spirit, the one consciousness in every creature and love it as yourself.”

The healer/teacher that I see regularly has also been teaching me that we are all particles of consciousness and that our particles dance all around us and through and with other people, because we truly are one. It seemed absurd at first, but as I continue to grow and my level of consciousness increases, more and more about consciousness and spirituality makes sense, and I’m sure I will continue to understand it at an even deeper level.  I was provided with a few opportunities lately to understand how consciousness works, which is what lead me to finally get it when I saw the birds flying.

Here are some examples:

  • I was in the shower and I suddenly thought, “Oh, I never did order that Arbonne product from my friend Dionne, maybe I should do that.  Hmm, maybe I should host an Arbonne party, ya, maybe I’ll contact her.”  The next day, I get a call from Dionne asking me if I could host an Arbonne party.  
  • I was also in the shower and I thought to myself, “Hmmm, maybe I should buy some Fly Like A Butterfly books from Shakta (who is the founder of Radiant Child Yoga, where I did the first part of my training).  Hmm, I wonder if that would be worth it for me?”  And then I left it at that.  A day later, I got an email from Radiant Child Yoga and they were offering wholesale discounts on their yoga materials to support yoga teachers.
  • I was walking in the woods with my daughter on a chilly day in February.  At one point along our walk, I got apprehensive and I had this huge feeling that we should turn around.  I stopped, asked my daughter if she needed to go home and she didn’t, so I breathed a bit, looked around and felt like I wanted to continue walking. I kept feeling like my husband’s grandmother was worried about us.  I finally decided to go back since we were close to the end of the nature trail and I told my daughter that I was feeling like grandma was worrying about us, and I think I broke energy with grandma.  I can’t quite remember the details.  We got back to grandma’s house and I asked my husband if grandma had been worried and he said that they were chatting about how they had seen coyotes in the woods a few days earlier and our grandparents were very worried about us being out.  I didn’t even have to be in the house or close by to feel those fears instantly!

These recent experiences combined to help me to see just how linked we are as people, just as the birds and fish are!  It gave me hope that humanity will eventually learn to use that connectedness so that we can dance together like the birds in the sky, instead of grinding up against each other spreading fear and negativity.

from Soaring Spirit Dance Studio
from Soaring Spirit Dance Studio

The empowering nature of teaching

I love teaching our daughter how to do things.

Zara was so excited to learn how to put jam on her toast

I want her to learn how to use that body of hers.  I want her to feel like she can do anything.  I want her to learn how to take care of herself in this world.  I want to empower her.  Teaching her empowers her and that is the most powerful thing I can do as a parent.

Today, I taught her how to put a hanger inside a shirt to hang it up. She was so proud of herself, so excited, so pleased to be a part of family life.  We were doing the laundry and instead of using the dryer for all of our clothes, we hang the shirts all up on hangers and let them dry that way.  She’s been more and more interested in doing the laundry, she hangs all of her clothes on the drying rack and today was the first day she wanted to be included in hanging up our clothes.  I was so pleased for her, so inspired to continue to teach her, to empower her to learn how to be in this world, how to teach her to respect our environment by not using the dryer, for example.

I try to use all of our outings and experiences as teaching moments, I don’t try to be annoying about it, but just as the opportunities come up, we talk about it, to include her and to teach her.  Here’s what I mean: we went out for supper the other night and we wrapped up all the napkins and food scraps into the paper table cloth they put on the table for us to draw on and we brought it home to the compost bin.  I would have been too shy to do this in the past, but we have a city program for it, so I may as well bring it home instead of letting it go to the dump just because restaurants aren’t included in the composting program.  I thought it was great, it made me feel great, it gave us a chance to explain composting again and the difference between composting and garbage dumps for mother earth.  And maybe because I wasn’t embarrassed about it and because the waitress thought it was really cool, maybe Zara will do the same, maybe she’ll show others to do that too.

The other day, she had been eating pretzels, and they’re awesome because they’re in the shape of letters so she loves learning how to spell words (thanks Loblaws!), and there were lots of crumbs on the table.  I saw her brush them all off the table. I went over and I said, “We could just sweep them up with the dustpan and broom (she LOVES to do this!!), or you could make a little dustpan with your hand and sweep them into your hand right off the table and then put them in the compost bin or the sink.”  I showed her what I meant and no friggin joke, the next day, there were crumbs on the table and I saw her start to put them on the floor and then she stopped and make the hand dustpan. Holy moly.  Simple, eh?  I think we could all do this a bit more, with everything!!  We would be constantly teaching each other, including one another, instead of living isolated lives.

Zara also loves cleaning with us.  She loves to clean the bathtub and the toilets. I hope this lasts!  Tee hee, at least she’s learning how to do it, so she’ll know for when she leaves the house and it keeps her engaged and teaches her about how to care for a home.  And she’s teaching me so much too, empowering me, pushing me to be me, instead of the limited me I always thought I was.  This summer, she wanted to walk on the grass down the street (we don’t have sidewalks) and for some reason, there was this part of me that was nervous about walking on other people’s grass….I felt it and didn’t want to teach her that, it’s all part of the planet, it’s just grass, why can’t we walk on the grass!?!!  She felt it too and she kept saying, “Mommy, come with me,” and eventually I did, and I’ve been free ever since.  Now we run up to the neighbors trees, run around them and we go for it.  I hope our neighbors start to do it too.  No one has ever said anything and I’m not sure they ever will, they may just admire our freedom, the freedom that comes from empowering oneself, pushing past limits and teaching about life.  I love living with Zara, teaching her, learning from her and being in the love with her and Robbin.  May our love continue to grow and may I continue to be open to teaching her and learning from her.