My 1st Reconnective Healing

My husband, Robbin Zrudlo, has recently become a certified Reconnection practitioner.  His website, explains the deal on Reconnection and has some videos and well laid out facts.  You can also check out, which is the parent site for The Reconnection.

It is a super interesting form of healing, much different from the other healings I’ve experienced with Jean Brazeau (you can read about the other healings in this section).  Not better, not worse, just different.  There have been some miraculous cases of healing within The Reconnection.  We first learned about it from the movie, The Living Matrix, where the founder of the Reconnection, is shown curing most of the symptoms of cerebral palsy from a boy in Greece.

When I had my first session in November 2011, I had just come back from Jean’s house a few days earlier, and I was still so floored at the time with how stuck in judgement my life had been. I was reeling from it, from how I thought I was living in a clear place but how I could then see how clouded my life was from all the judging I was constantly doing.

Robbin had just come home from his practitioner workshop in Miami and I was going to be his first client.  My belly was bloated, as a way to show me how I was again stuck in judging (my body is determined to show me when I’m off my true path, thank goodness too!), and I felt heavy and slow and kind of stuck and reeling.  So Robbin had me lie down on the table, he told me to breathe and relax and that he was going to access the energies of the universe by moving his hands around my body and that the universe would bring me the healing I needed right at that time.

So I was lying down, relaxing and within a few minutes, I noticed that my belly wasn’t bloated anymore. I was grateful for that because it had been quite painful.  Then it was almost like someone was taking a telescope and putting it on my forehead and showing me all my recent experiences where I was stuck in judging, so I could actually see myself and the people I had been judging and they were all moving in front of me, across my field of vision.  Then the pictures took a break for awhile and I had some moments of quiet relaxation and then there was this bright light in front of my eyes, and a voice said, “this is the light of Jesus, he is always with you, he loves you, it is okay.”  I remember lying there, not being able to move but being surrounded in love and feeling super at peace.  Then I saw more memories of my life flashing in front of me, I felt my body twitch her and there, and then before I knew it, Robbin was touching my shoulder 30 minutes later, telling me the session was over.

I sat up slowly and started to tell him about what had happened.  Apparently it is very common for people to see colors, hear voices, feel movements in their bodies and to experience different feelings of healing.  I noticed that I felt very calm and very at peace.  It was the grounding I needed at the time since I had been reeling so much.  It gave me exactly what I needed at the time.  The added bonus was that it gave me a boost, a desire to move my life forward, to do the things I’ve been wanting to do, like write children’s books.  I was able to feel the peace within me and to know that life was mine for the living:)


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