My Healing Stories


This is the section I had originally created to write about the healings  I have done with Jean Brazeau, our family’s healer/guide/coach.  It ended up being a section that I started to write in and then just decided to start writing about my healings on my main page.  I may start to use this section again in the future:)

There are still some great healing posts in here if you’d like to explore!

May we all find our power, our light and let it shine and light the way for each of us, for all of us.




2 thoughts on “My Healing Stories

  1. Looking forward to reading about the healing.. , I’ve always been strongly drawn to reconnective Therapy. strongly drawn to it..just never have the funds or health to follow through on a course. Or a sitter for my entourage of pets. lol
    cool.. xo 🙂
    sounds like you are doing amazingly well..and the baklava looks awesome!!! ..almost like my moms. LOL

    1. Hi Dora! Thanks for writing! I have lots to do to get this section ready. Lots of thoughts, lots of stories! Robbin’s reconnection healings are very interesting, very grounding and very helpful, I’ve definitely benefited from them. The baklava was sooo great! One day we’ll sit together and eat some dammit!

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