Quote from Yogi tea bag:)

“the universe is a stage on which your mind dances with your body, guided by your heart.”

I am not sure that life can get any better than when your tea bag confirms your new life path!  Yogi tea is a brand that was founded after Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini yoga to North America and each tea bag has an inspirational phrase on it!  Drink tea and be reminded of simple truths, sounds good to me!


I Choose Love

I went to a conference day with Gregg Braden last weekend with my husband Robbin.  This was really significant in my life for many reasons:

  1. Gregg Braden is amazing (http://www.greggbraden.com/)!  He opened up my heart even further through his messages, his words of encouragement, his explanations of how the world is transforming and how we can connect to our hearts to support our planet and all of us with the love that we have inside,
  2. I actually left our daughter Zara for the whole day with someone other than Robbin.  This is huge for me, I have overcome some super deep and strong abandonment fears that were keeping me locked up tight, that were preventing me from leaving Zara for more than 2 hours without huge panic setting in.  I have worked with an energy healer (world miracle worker!) Jean Brazeau and I have released so much of the energy and fears inside that were keeping me prisoner.
  3. My mom came up for the weekend from Montreal (we live in Ottawa) and we had a fantastic time together.  I love my mom dearly and I was so pleased that she was able to come (for the first time since Zara was really little) to spend time with us.  It was also huge because I was able to be pretty open and loving with my mom, because I’ve moved through so much of the energy that was keeping me in a game of blame and lack of control with my mom.

I wanted to share what I took away from the Gregg Braden conference because it was so profound.  He shared a song with us from Shawn Gallaway called I Choose Love.  I have posted the link here for you to view:

It has become my new anthem, I sing it constantly in my head, to remind me that I have a choice.  I feel like that is what my life has come to, knowing that I have choices, that I am the Creator of my own life, my own experiences, my own thoughts, all of it.  I get to choose.  This song is exactly what I need to be reminded of that choice, when the emotions come up so strongly and they are threatening to pull me under, to the darkness, to where I no longer want to live… I have lived that way, I don’t want to go back there.  This song allowed me enough time today when I felt a huge surge of anger coming up (that really was not justified at all), to choose love, to feel the anger, but to choose love and to walk away, to deny that anger the power it wanted to have over me.  I know that I will have to look at that anger because it is there but I don’t want it to take me over so that I am it’s prisoner, saying things and throwing the things that it wants me to.  I am choosing love.  Shawn Gallaway wrote this song two days after the twin towers were blown apart by airplanes in 2001.  He felt so moved to share with the world even during that confusing time, that we all had the choice then, to respond to a huge crisis with love.  We all knew what would happen if there was retaliation, more heartache, more deaths, more tears, more anger, but if we could choose to live from the love we all have within, the world could change, there wouldn’t be that anger that drives us to hurt others (physically or emotionally) not when we live from the love.

This is a painting called I Choose Love, by Shawn Gallaway, the singer and author of the song I Choose Love.

When you truly connect to your heart, there is only love, there is no anger, no hurt, no aggression, no pain.  Gregg showed it to us at the conference using technology from HeartMath: http://www.heartmath.org/. The technology they have developed helps people to know when they are truly connected to their heart, to their love.  The heart has an electromagnetic field around it, within it and it has the same frequency as one of the electromagnetic fields of the earth’s atmosphere.  HeartMath is demonstrating, through their science and technology, that when we connect to our hearts, we can influence the electromagnetic field of the earth’s atmosphere.  This was first discovered after 9/11, the weather satellite data showed a huge spike in the electromagnetic field of the planet and the scientists didn’t understand why that was.  When they looked at the date and time of the spikes, they correlated directly with September 11, 2001 at 9:15am, which they postulated was about the time it took until the first plane hit and for the media to spread it around the world.  The whole world connected to their hearts during that time and as a planet, we changed the electromagnetic field of one of the layers of the atmosphere.  There is now an initiative started by HeartMath and Princeton, called the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) (http://www.glcoherence.org/), which has the purpose of “uniting people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.”  It all comes back to how powerful we each are when we live from a place of love, not from fear.  It’s really about what you choose.  As a planet, if more and more of us can choose love, it will make it easier for other to choose love, for our leaders to make the same choices from love, to see what is truly possible for our planet, for all of us.  If we can each connect to our hearts, not only will our individual lives be easier, but those of our children, our families, our neighbors, our fellow city-members, province-members, country-members, and it expands out, just as our love does from our heart.  If you are at all skeptical, you will find all you need on the HeartMath and GCI websites, including tools and scientific devices to measure your coherence with your heart.  It was beautiful to be in the room with Gregg Braden as he played the song I Choose Love and to feel the love and the hope of possibility in that room.  It was powerful to see the HeartMath technology measure the heart coherence (the coherence is a level between 1-100 of how connected you are to the heart through hertz, which is the measurement of the electromagnetic field) of our room and the participants in it and for us to see it out of coherence and then to see it at 100% coherence after all 400 of us closed our eyes, touch our chests right where the heart is and think of care, gratitude and appreciation.  That was it, physical touch, and thinking of care, appreciation and gratitude.  It seems really simple and it is, and we can all do it.  We can all have that impact on our own lives and those of our fellow earthlings!!

Robbin, Zara and I are going to become members of the GCI and we will learn the tools to connect to the heart (in the event there are more we don’t know) and we will log on to their system and send out of love when others in the world are logged on too, to unite in care and love, to send love to parts of the world that are currently in crisis and that would benefit from some extra love and heart coherence.  It truly is beautiful.  You want to change your life and the world?  Here is an actual tool!!!  Use it.  I know we will. I know I will use it to teach my kids class, Playing From the Heart: Kids Connect, where I teach kids about love and how powerful they are and how they can find peace whenever they need to, within themselves.  I love it.  I love it because I was so sad and so desperate at so many points in my life and I now know that life doesn’t need to be like that.  I can choose love.  I can choose to connect to my heart and feel the love.  Beautiful.  Let’s support each other and grow in love, life doesn’t have to be this hard, our world doesn’t need to be full of war, our children can lead the way and we can hold them and love them and let them be the love instead of shutting it down.  Yes, I choose love.  What will you choose?

I’ll finish this post with a quote from Gregg Braden, okay it won’t be a quote but it will be slightly paraphrased!!

“Our world is transforming and in the new world age that we will soon begin, the question will not be ‘what can I get from the world?’, it will be ‘what can I do for the world that is emerging?”  I loved that.  It’s about sharing the love and not living from that place where everyone owes you because you are a victim, but switching the perspective to thinking of what you can contribute to the world, and from that place, abundance will be yours, through love and giving and gratitude.

Namaste and thanks for reading:)



“What you resist persists”

“You all know the saying which is very true: What you resist persists. And I’m sure many of you have already found that out in your life. And then suddenly when you let go of resistance you let go of an attachment to something: I need this to happen in order to be happy; I don’t want what is, I want something else. To be okay with what is, which is the simplicity of this moment, is the beginning of true change.”

From an Eckhart Tolle Present Moment Reminder.  It’s perfect as is. I have had to learn this over and over since having a child.  Thank goodness they are so patient!

It’s the perspective that matters…

“It’s the message insert name here receives – as opposed to the one we think we sent- that predicts the effects of our actions.”  (Alfie Kohn, Unconditional Parenting)

You know, this is very valuable.  So many of us forget, especially parents, that it is not our perspective that counts, nor is it the message that we’re trying to convey,  it is the person we are interacting with, it is their perspective that matters while we are with them, it is how they’ve interpreted our actions, our message, that counts.

I can love my daughter unconditionally, or think I am, but if all she feels is a trapped energy within me that says over and over again, “please don’t leave me, please don’t leave me,” then she will perceive my love as having conditions.   Let me explain a bit…

The healer/coach guide that our family sees let me know this fall that there was that energy within me, the please don’t leave me, from the little young Bradlee, who for many reasons, didn’t want to be left alone, who was so scared of being abandoned.  Our coach, Jean, helped me to see how that stuck energy was influencing and controlling so much in our family life.  Zara was aware of it, but couldn’t leave me because she felt it and because it was within me, I couldn’t leave her without experiencing pain, but I also wanted to find myself, to know who I was, to do something for me.  So even though I was sending out so much love, it was burdened in a way I could never have imagined, that I was able to see once Jean pointed it out for me.  It is now leaving me, through healing, through acknowledging it, through letting it pass as I feel it, instead of letting it dominate my actions and thoughts, and the difference in our home is huge.  I was able to leave for two straight full days for a dance workshop (but come home at night) and I’ve since left her twice at night with her Dad. I’ve had to do so much work on this and I likely will continue to need to do it and I will do it, I am committed to doing it, to being my true self, instead of living through the pain that I stored in this body because I never felt I could express it.

So back to the quote.  I think it’s so valuable, especially for parents.  It’s time we see that our actions are being interpreted by our children, not through all of our life experiences, but through theirs, which are so different than ours, unless we get trapped by our past experiences, unless we get stuck recreating them and recreating them, like so many of us do, like I did, and definitely still do, but with healing and even just awareness, we can overcome, we can rise above, we can live in neutrality and in peace.

Let’s all keep that in mind, wherever we are, whatever we are doing.  If we get stuck with someone, in an interaction with them that is so harmful, that is so a power struggle, let’s remember that their perspective of what is going on is loaded by their past experiences, and their reaction really has very little to do with us.  Let’s all find some more compassion for ourselves, for our children, for our parents, for those we interact with, we are all carrying pain, we all want to be right.  Let’s open up our hearts, know that we are all different, but that deep down, no matter what your perspective is and what your life story is, we all want love.  Let’s do the best we can, even if we feel like our best at this moment sucks, it is what we can do, let’s let go of judging ourselves and others, and know that everyone wants love and let’s love ourselves too.

And then, with this, you can remember that your child’s perspective is different than yours.  And with this, you will be able to see them clearly, see their actions as a way of speaking to you, and you will be able to respond with love instead of from a place of anger or hurt because they can’t see your perspective.   They will only be able to see your perspective if you can see yours, and even then, their life isn’t really about seeing your perspective, it is about learning, growing and trying things in their own lives.  We are here to love them, guide them and support them, not to fulfill our lives or make up for our past hurts through them.

Let’s honor our children and try to remember it is the message they receive, their perspective of everything, that will shape their lives.  If we are open to it, we can see it and adjust as necessary.

Oh my crap….

Grandpa says, “Holy crap,” and then Zara says, “Holy crap!”

Tee hee.  The other day, Grandpa was over. He was casually chatting with us when he said, “holy crap,” about something.  I heard it, Zara heard it and then of course she said it.  I giggled, being the ever diplomatic mom, and then Grandpa heard it. I said to Zara, “well it’s kind of like saying oh my goodness.”  So then she turned it into, “oh my crap,” and there you have it.  I was leaning back I was laughing so hard.  That’s always been my sense of humor. Say a swear word, or penis, or balls, or boobs and I’ll laugh for 20 minutes.  I can’t hold it back, not even for the sake of a 3 year old.  Thanks Grandpa and thanks Zara, that was hilarious!

Golden: a celebration of freedom

Living my life like it’s golden

This song speaks to me.  Whenever I play it, my soul soars, my heart sings and I move my body to the awesome beat. The song is called Golden by Jill Scott.  Here are the lyrics.  May we all find this freedom, may we all realize we have the power to be free, we don’t have to wait for anyone to give it to us, to pull it off the shelf, to celebrate ourselves and to live our true lives.

I’m taking my freedom,
Pulling it off the shelf,
Putting it on my chain,
Wear it around my neck,
I’m taking my freedom,
Putting it in my car,
Wherever I choose to go,
It will take me far,

I’m taking my own freedom
Putting it in my song,
Singing loud and strong,
Grooving all day long,
I’m taking my freedom,
Putting it in my stroll,
I’ll be high-steppin’ y’all,
Letting the joy unfold,

I’m holding on to my freedom,
Can’t take it from me,
I was born into it,
It comes naturally,
I’m strumming my own freedom,
Playing the God in me,
Representing his glory,
Hope he’s proud of me,

Livin’ my life like it’s golden,
It really matters to me, Ohhh

The chorus is “livin’ my life like it’s golden” over and over with different arrangements.  It’s awesome.  She even recognizes how we all have divinity within us as she sings, “I’m strumming my own freedom, playing the God in me, representing his glory.”  We are all of God, of the Creator, of the Ultimate, of the Source, whatever you want to call it.  We all have divine gifts that are untapped, if we can give ourselves permission, if we choose freedom, if we choose to live, breathe and celebrate life and ourselves, we will soar, we will be limitless, we will be astounded by what we had inside, our true power that was so covered up, so burdened by stored emotions, stored pain, if we can let it go, choose life, choose freedom like Jill Scott sings about, life will be easy as it was meant to be.  I’m starting to live my life like it’s Golden and man oh man, it is ever different, and I will continue to explore my untapped potential, the divine abilities that I have, that we all have and I will sing the song of freedom as I move through this life.

(If you interested in learning about your divine abilities, check out http://www.williamlinville.com and his book, “Living in a Body on a Planet: Your Divine Abilities.”  Since reading that book, I’ve learned how to clear out density (we all know density, it’s that weight on your shoulders, the cramps in your belly, that persistent knot in your back)  in my body just by telling my body it’s time to let it go, to dissolve it, fascinating stuff, I’ll write about it soon).

My favorite quote ever

The power is in you. The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your searches: you are the goal. You are the answer. It’s never outside.

I signed up for present moment reminders on Eckhart Tolle’s website and this one came in several months ago now.  It is the most powerful quote I have ever read.  Whenever I’m feeling stuck or scattered or like, “help me”, I pause, I breathe and I feel my body and I say this to myself.  The answer is never outside, I am it.  Me.  Pure and simple.  No need for purpose, no need for stuff, no need for control, just breathing and knowing that this is my life, that I have the power, that I am the truth in my life, I am the answer, I am what I have been searching for.  Just me.  Wow. What a gift.