Hi!  My name is Bradlee Zrudlo!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  After years of living from fear, sadness and pretending to be happy, I have been given the opportunity to reclaim my life.

I am 34 and am grateful to be learning to live from my heart, to connect to the love that I am, so that I may live my true life and move beyond the pretending. In this blog, I share my thoughts and experiences as I open up to my possibilities, as I delve into the depths of what has prevented me from shining and as I grow as the true me.  It is very exciting for me to be here, on this path of awakening, shining and learning. It is my pleasure to share my insights and thoughts, I hope you enjoy!!

For those of you who want to learn about how I started to get a sense of who I really was, beyond the control, limitations and fear, you can check out the two posts below, which share two crucial points along the way for me:

In these posts, I share how I had to get really sick, to the depths of despair (all while bringing my then 2 year old daughter along with me for the ride), and then was able to be free through the energy work I do.  I was at the point where I (and my daughter) had so many food sensitivities, I couldn’t eat anything.  For nearly 4 years now (since June 2011), I can eat whatever I want with no consequences, mental, physical or otherwise.  My daughter is free from it too and she is beautifully healthy and is thriving. It is a true blessing!

Thanks for visiting!

With love,







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