What if your pain is golden?

What if your pain is calling out to you?

What if your pain is you, trying to get your own attention?

What if your pain represents all parts of you that were deemed unacceptable, unworthy, or wrong?

What if your pain is really just you, trying to come home to you?


May we all open our hearts wide to our pain,

to the lost, banished and shamed parts of ourselves,

to the aspects of self who are so desperate to come home that they hurt and we hurt.


May we all open our eyes and senses to what our bodies are telling us,

to the messages hidden within the pain

to the longing to stop seeking outside for a resolution and to turn around and find the answers

within ourselves.


Like riddles and puzzles our pain calls to us;

it gives us clues to solve the simple mysteries

of coming home to ourselves and uniting

within ourselves.


May we all be blessed with the courage to say,

“Pain I love you.

I welcome you.

I honour your mysteries

and I ask you to share with me

so that I may love you as me

and welcome you home into my heart.”


As we take these bold steps toward loving everything that

happens in our experience, may all hearts be touched by our


our bravery

and our deep desire to be in harmony within ourselves and

with life, no matter what circumstances occur.


May we rise up as the divine beings we truly are

and embrace our pain as the secret messenger of our

innocence, purity, power and everlasting love.


– Written in honour of Matt Kahn’s pure teachings of love


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