An Open Letter To All Hearts – a poem

I wrote this poem a year ago and it is feeling more like the right time to share this with others.  I was fortunate to share it recently with a few special people and their feedback encouraged me to share it more openly.  May the words within this open letter find their way right into your heart and may they melt away your limiting beliefs about yourself. May you know you are supremely worthy and beautiful. Love, Bradlee


This morning I was on the bus and I was so inspired by the number of people on the bus and the myriad of experiences they each must be having as they live their own lives.
I saw a young man run from the back of the bus because he saw a girl near the front of the bus whom he probably really liked, and he stood squished next to her seat for the whole
ride, just so he could talk to her.  I saw another man and woman on the bus who were talking and they looked like they may fall in love and get married in the future
and they were just passing through that awkward stage of getting to know one another.  I saw an older gentlemen wearing a suit jacket and he had his eyes closed and his face was relaxed and smiling.  I saw a young woman quietly reading the Bible. During this ride, I felt an opening in my heart as I watched these beautiful people, living their lives.  My heart filled with love and the following words came to me:

An open letter to all hearts

If only you could know the beauty that you are.
You are so radiant in all that you do and all that you are.
I see you and I love you.
I see you and I see God.

The majesty of your grace is indescribable with words.
The curve of your neck to your shoulders is as smooth and flowing as a river running through the land.
The color of your hair reflects all of the color that the rainbow wouldn’t even dream of reflecting.
The softness of your heart shines around you and melts my own.

May you know the grace that you are, always have been and always will be.
May you sip the sweet nectar within your heart as it nourishes your body,
sparks the creativity in your mind and carries you through life.

May you be blessed to look in the mirror and love yourself.

May you be blessed to honor and appreciate the magnificence that you are,
that I see in you.

May you know you are never alone, that you are loved both from afar
and within.

May you feel the honor it is for our planet to have us here
as she patiently allows us to destroy her, as part of our journey
to discover the beauty that we are, that she is, that all is.

May you dance the dance of joy that is waiting to radiate
out from under your feet, from your arms, your smiling face,
your fluid spine.

May you be filled with the force of life and may it surround you
in it’s warm blanket of comfort and possibilities.

May you rejoice in who you are, no matter what you have been taught
to think about yourself.

May you know you are worth it.


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