Generosity of Mother Earth


I have recently really noticed how abundant and generous Mother Earth and all of creation is. With every tree, flower, fruit or vegetable that grows, there is an abundance of seeds to ensure that we’ll always have what we need.  The planet naturally balances itself this way and always provides.  I sometimes wonder how I could ever again worry “if there will be enough,” when every apple has the means to grow more apples, and every cucumber too. I could list all the ways that I have been amazed by this lately, however I think that would be a long list!

I had the brilliant opportunity to meet with an Aboriginal Elder a few months ago and he is the one who planted the seed in my awareness for me to see that everything I need is both within me and around me.  He helped me to see that the creator always provides, I just need to see it…stop looking for it, just see, feel and know it.

Thank you to all aspects of life, of this journey, of this planet and beyond.


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