My breasts have been mourning

Last week, I noticed that my breasts were swollen, painful and lumpy.  It was quite unusual for them to be like that, so I paid attention.  I did my best to relax and breathe deeply and send my inner attention (consciousness/awareness) to release any blockages within them.  It worked temporarily, but there they were, in that unusual state, sore and uncomfortable.

A few days later, I realized that my breasts were mourning.  My breasts, and likely the breasts of many women in the world, were mourning what is happening to other breasts in the world.  I am not familiar with breast cancer statistics, yet I do know that many women are faced with challenging decisions about their breasts and cancer.  I feel like my breasts are tuned in to the fear that is around the planet at this time as more women are determining whether they have the breast cancer gene, especially as more information is widely available about it and more people (including Angelina Jolie) are sharing their stories of choosing to have mastectomies to eliminate any possibility of cancer.  I feel like my breasts were uniting with women everywhere, tuning in to women, letting women know that we are all together, that we can unite instead of fight, that our breasts are a part of our bodies, a representation of what makes us female in these bodies and that it is like a mourning to have to remove them because of cancer.  We all feel that sadness together.

I feel like our breasts, as women everywhere, are trying to tell us something with the high incidence of breast cancer.  Are there parts of our female nature that we are having to deny?  Are there parts of our female nature that have been lost?  What are the reasons, beyond medical ones, that men and women are having to remove parts of their bodies that identify their bodies as male or female?

As time goes on, I trust that these answers will come forward, as we open to new possibilities for our health, for our bodies, for our breasts and for our well being.  I trust that women will start to understand just how united we are and that the answers are likely within us, waiting to be revealed.   The book Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton is a beautiful place to start to understand a whole other side of genetics, called epigenetics, which discusses the factors within us, including the environment within our bodies and what creates the environment, that determine if a gene will be expressed (whether the code in the gene will be utilized by the body).

For now, my love is with the women of the world who are facing very challenging circumstances and who may feel choiceless about their health.  May women unite in love and in power and may we soon learn a deeper truth of what is really going on with our breasts.


One thought on “My breasts have been mourning

  1. patrycja

    i have to tell you… when i started reading this… i thought you were going to say you are pregnant!! you are so in tune with things much greater than yourself. it is an incredible gift. see you this summer!!! xxooo

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