2baware: A brilliant opportunity

Hello all!!!

I was recently fortunate to have completed an online self-awareness workshop called 2baware (www.2baware.net).  I wrote about how impressed I was with that workshop and how useful it was in a post a few weeks ago: https://livingmytruelife.com/2012/08/12/this-little-light-of-mine-im-learning-how-to-let-it-shine/

I have completed the workshop and I continue to use the tools I learned from within it.  I remember that when I am blaming someone for a circumstance, that I can look inside to see what is really going on, to find out what about the situation is making me uncomfortable, instead of making others responsible for how I feel.  I am really enjoying doing this, I find it empowering and it makes me feel nicer inside because I’m not outwardly blaming as much as I used to.

I also learned about how to stop and look at a situation objectively and subjectively, and to analyze it that way.  I find it pulls the plug on the heightened emotions, because when a situation is looked at objectively, it is never as intense as it seems when we are locked in the emotion.

The creator of this brilliant workshop, Ido Lanuel (www.idolanuel.com) is a fellow WordPress user and his personal story is awesome (like his blog and workshop)!  I suggest you check them out!  If you are interested in the workshop, you may try it for free with the following password: bradleez.  I was given 20 free workshop entrances to share with friends, family and fellow bloggers!  If this calls to you, if you want to be more self-aware and be equipped with brilliant tools and have fun while learning them, give the workshop a try!  You are totally worth the investment of time!!!



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