A visit from Green Tara

My daughter and I went to a Buddhist meditation centre in Ottawa two weekends ago for a kids class called Dharma for Kids (http://www.meditateinottawa.org/).  Our family is on this path of opening and healing and living our true lives and I thought it might be interesting and possibly useful for us (thanks to my friend Tonya for mentioning it to me).

The class was comfortable and not overpacked with material, it was nice.  We learned that there are many different buddhas and that they each have a different purpose.  We were taught about Green Tara, and how she is the buddha who is ready to come to protect and comfort those who call for her assistance.  Our teacher, Ananda Kelly, was explaining that as long as you believe in her, she will come to you.  (This image is from: http://www.fpmt-osel.org/gallery/tara.htm).  You can see in the picture that Green Tara’s right foot is uncrossed, it is because she is always ready to come and assist.  You can also distinguish Green Tara because there is always an element about her that is green.

I was super intrigued.  Ananda taught us a chant we can use to call for Green Tara and she taught us how to chant it. The words are, “Oṃ Tāre Tuttāre Ture Soha.”  It is so beautiful and so powerful.  Zara and I really enjoyed chanting it during the class and we have done it since that time.  I have found versions on the internet from searches but none are the same as the way I now have it in my heart from Ananda’s teachings.  If this is of interest to you, you can certainly search around and you will know when you have found the version that is right for you.  I feel like I’ve just learned something new and I’m super at the beginning of understanding it.  I feel called to learn more about her and possibly others, so I will share as I discover:)

The other day, Zara and I were at the beach and she was quite upset after leaving the water, her skin was irritated from the sand and she really just needed some comfort because she was off in some way.  I asked her if we could chant to Green Tara, if that would be comforting, since I know she really enjoys the chant and so do I.  So we tried it and she calmed instantly and it felt really good for me as well, very peaceful, very smooth.  I helped Zara to get all the sand off and then we went to put her dress on and she said, “Mommy stop, look at that.”  I stopped and looked down and there was a green beetle on Zara’s towel.  I said, “Wow, is that Green Tara, wow Zara that is awesome!”  She picked it up and Zara agreed that it was Green Tara and she held her and looked at her for a minute.  I felt blessed, supported and so awestruck all at once.  I realized that I was never really alone, if things were hard, I have other resources other than connecting to my heart to feel the love and to feel strong again, there is outside support that is ready for me.  I now feel that the combination of the two is even stronger for me, and it’s really exciting.  It’s pretty exciting that now I can chant, which calms me and then have the support of a being who I really don’t understand yet, but who is willing to come because I put it out there from my heart and I believed in the possibility of her.


4 thoughts on “A visit from Green Tara

    1. Thanks Lisa! I listened to the chant last night, it was very joyful and relaxing. I really enjoyed it. I know there is more for me to explore within Buddhism!
      I’ve seen the Dalai Lama before and that is the end of the knowledge of Buddhism, other than religion class:)

  1. Bradlee, this is a beautiful post. Amazing! I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog today and I don’t think this was a coincidence either. Mindful parenting is something that I have been trying to practice from day 1 with my son, Elijah. I’ve only just recently, during my pregnancy with my second son, taken an interest in Buddhism after hearing some of my sister’s great eperiences from travelling to India (to become an international yoga teacher). This all really intrigues me. You better bet, I’ll be following your blog from now on.
    P.S. Do you remember us from the library babytime group at Carlingwood?

    1. Hi Alicia! Cool! I’m so glad you found what you needed from this blog! I think that’s the way it’s meant to be! Thanks so much for your kind words about the post. I’m constantly amazed
      at what the universe brings us when we are ready! I’m only learning a bit about Buddhism now, I feel like there are some helpful tools within Buddhism that I can learn about to make
      life easier and more peaceful. I’ve been on a major healing journey for the past year after my daughter and I got really sick and I started doing some energy healing and it’s changed
      my world drastically and I feel like I keep being shown what has been limiting me from within so I can release it, breathe and feel free and I keep getting shown what is possible,
      like what happened on the beach with Green Tara:)

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