You know, I used to have to drink in nightclubs to dance, to really dance, to let my body move to the music, to feel good moving the way I wanted, to not feel shy.  This morning, however, I am in my house, cleaning, dancing all over, singing loudly and it feels really good.  I am soooo pleased that I am here, that I have done work on my inner me, to let go of the stuff that wasn’t me, so that I could be free, to dance, to know that I am not dirty, I am not a “sl^t”, that I am in this body to enjoy it, to move it, to see what it can do, for me to express myself through this body.  It feels good!  Do you know that place?  Do you feel comfortable moving your body in new ways?  Do you feel comfortable shaking your hips, your chest, your bum, every part and to really enjoy yourself!  If you do, then congratulations, I am sooo happy to join you!  If you don’t, it’s alright, it’s all in there.  I wonder if that’s why pole dancing has become popular, because people need others to give themselves permission to dance the way they really want?  It’s awesome that pole dancing exists, I have never tried it, but maybe I will now.  Maybe I will give myself permission to dance wildly with a pole!  Why not!  Really, that’s the question?  Why not?  So to all the dancers out there, it is all of you (even if you don’t know it yet!!), I say, play your favorite songs and take a moment or two today to DANCE!  With your kids if you have them, or with your family, or by yourself, it doesn’t matter!  Look at yourself in the mirror, see what a marvel you are, see how your eyes shine when you are free and having a blast!  This is to all of us, let’s have an awesome time and dance!!

This is me quite a few years ago at my beautiful friend Steph’s wedding! I needed to drink then and I honor that I needed that then and that I can now dance freely, even outside at concerts and at Groove Method ( dance/exercise classes. It is so much more free!!

2 thoughts on “DANCE!!

  1. Great post!! The funny thing is once you find that place where you are comfortable with yourself, your body, and movement, happiness takes over, pure joy, and people might just think you are drunk, lol!! Dance on!!

  2. Nice! It’s true, sometimes I’ve wondered about it, am I actually just drunk on my own bliss right now and the pleasure I am getting in doing what makes me happy!? I used to have such sadness inside that sometimes the happiness is like a drug because it’s still so new! Tee hee, to the dancing!! Wohoo! Thanks!

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