I am again reminded…

I keep learning this over and over again… life and my heart will continue to work with me, to show me what is possible.

Sometimes I wake up and I’m panicking, I’m feeling scared, I’m feeling alone, I’m feeling overwhelmed, and then I remember that when this happens, I am not grounded, my soul has left my body and is wandering around out in the world and I feel alone inside, because I am, I have gone.  I am learning the importance of staying at home, inside my heart, living from there, because that is where my home is, and when I am “home”, my true self can shine.

This morning, I was lost,  so I was breathing into my heart, trying to come back and my daughter came over and put her hands on her heart and started singing “This little light of mine,” and she said, “just like this mommy.”  So I breathed and held my heart while she was singing and then I was home, the nervousness was gone, the fear was gone, my body was tingling, almost as if to say, “welcome home Bradlee, here you are love, here you are safe, when you are here, I (the body) can heal, because your presence, your love is here and that is all I need.”

Magic!  Is it really?  No, it’s just what we all need to do.  Can we all do this?  Yes.  Do we all know how?  Yes.  We forget as we age because we are not reminded of it in this world.  Let’s help the children to not forget and by doing so, we will remember.


One thought on “I am again reminded…

  1. Carla

    My beautiful soul sister I want to share with you an experience I had this morning waking up to a new day I hope you don’t mind am going to let go….. As you know I have been going through a new journey here in Toronto filled with highs, lows, joy, fear and love. I woke up with a feeling of overwhelming anxiety of uncertainty tingling throughout, I took a deep breath walked downstairs started doing my emotional freedom techniques that I have found called the Sedona Method creator Hale Dwoskin a slowly felt my body calming within and then took my express thoughts towards loving myself within Am gold Am beautiful Am worth it seeking to live from the abundant love in my heart, the bliss of releasing my heart, letting go of resistance towards infinite possibility being align with energy. I then wrapped myself in a warm comforter getting all cozy with my raspberry tea in cup called Les Fleurs…so yummy and soothing warm my heart then did a little dance…..giggle, giggle with the Ellen show I love her by the way:) she expresses so much joy and positive light and so giving and sooo funny makes me smile……and now my day begins*hug* being true to my core beliefs and passions This feels nice Bradlee and I want to thank you for inspiring me with your healing xoxoxo

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