Taking candy from a stranger!!

The other day, my daugher Zara (just 3!) and I went out for an adventure.  We went to get hair cuts and then we had a couple of errands to do, all within walking distance of each other.

After the adventure of the hair cut for Zara and the pressure from the hair dresser for her to grow her hair long and Zara taking on the pressure and changing her mind and me singing to her, trying to bring her back to her heart, so she could make her own decision, instead of already being influenced by the outside world, and Zara coming back to her happy place, we went to the drug store.  We got what we needed and we were in line.  We were chatting and waiting and then another cash opened.  I didn’t dash over because everyone usually does, but this time, no one did.  So I started to walk over and asked Zara to come with me, and I caught the eyes of an older man who was walking to the same line.  I urged him on, but he smiled at me and he said that Zara and I could go first.  We were waiting and he started talking to Zara about her neato bright yellow sunglasses and she started talking right back to him.  He seemed delighted and it was awesome for her to have someone who was actually engaging her and actually listening instead of just smiling at her and thinking she’s only cute and that’s it.  I always glow inside when I see people talking to children, seeing them and listening to them.  It’s such a gift for children, for all of us really, to be seen, heard and listened to.  So we talked together and then it was our turn to pay.  He was talking to me, telling me how great she is, how well “disciplined she is,” and I remember smiling at him and telling him, “we just love her a lot and try to honor her,” and he smiled back at me and it was so obvious that he was very enamored with Zara.  While I was paying, I caught him reaching to the chocolate section, and he reached over to the cashier and said, “Can you write down the barcode for this, I’d like to give it to Zara, she’s been a pleasure to talk to, she’s such a beautiful girl, I’d like to buy this for her and then I’ll pay for it when you ring up my stuff.”

No joke.  Does this actually happen?  I was floored.  Like, neato!!!  Zara is awesome!  I’m not really one for buying gifts as a form of love or praise, but it was so genuine, so heartfelt, I thought it was just precious.  Zara got a whole Aero bar for herself.  I said thank you and she looked at the chocolate bar with big eyes.  I usually don’t prompt her to say thank you because she often will, but she was so stuck in the chocolate bar, I just whispered to her, “if you appreciate it you could let him know,” and she looked up at him and said thanks.  We said goodbye and then I told her while we were walking out how special she is, and how that just doesn’t happen to people.  Then she wanted to eat it!  Tee hee, so I opened it for her and we walked across the street while she was eating it and we went into the health food store, tee hee again, I felt like an oxymoron walking in there like that, but it was all good.  What a brilliant day!

It wasn’t until I told my mom about it and she was like, “and you let her eat it, it’s candy from a stranger, you’ll have to teach her about that,” that I realized what had happened.  I am so energy sensitive, I feel the smallest tinge of anything and everything and all I felt from that man was love, oh I almost forgot, his name is Mike.  So it didn’t even occur to me to freak out.  It occurred to me to witness the magic that happens when people live from love, live from their hearts.  I will have to keep that lesson in mind though, as it is important, but first, I will teach Zara to trust her instincts, to listen to her heart, to feel with her heart, then I think she’ll always know what to do, with guidance from us of course.

Hooray for love, hooray for chocolate, hooray for living from the heart!


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