Let’s eat treats!!

The easier version of sheep cupcakes than the original martha stewart one we copied!

Let us eat treats, I say!!

It was Zara’s 3rd birthday last week and we made sheep cupcakes!  The year before, when Zara turned 2, we were on such a restricted diet (GAPS diet, for those familiar with it and food issues) and I had to make her a cake made with sunflower seeds and honey and eggs.  This year, we went all out since we are free of food issues (please see My Healings, My food healing if you want the details!)!  We followed the recipe in the cupcake cookbook I have from Martha Stewart, but since we don’t have an icing piper thing, we did it our own way, with a tooth pick, tee hee!  Since Loblaws didn’t have white marshmallows, we used the rainbow ones!

All of that aside, it was such a joy for me to say to Zara, “what kind of treat do you want to eat for your birthday?” and I handed her the cupcake book and she could choose whatever she wanted.  It was my pleasure to make it.  And it was our pleasure to eat them, enjoy them, savour them and relish in the fact that we live in a house where food is enjoyed, it is not consumed with guilt, with anger, with shoving down emotions as a purpose, we don’t eat with shame, we eat with love in our hearts.  Was it like that for me a year ago?  No.  Is it now, YESSSSSS!!  I had no idea how much guilt and crap there is in our world about eating desserts and I had no idea how much hate I had in my heart for myself and my body and how it affected my relationship with food.

Now, I say again, let’s eat treats!  Let’s look at how we feel, what we think when we eat desserts.  What comes up?  Is it okay for you to eat lots of cupcakes, or does the guilt creep in? Do you do the math about calories and calculate how much gym time you should spend after eating dessert?  Do you know that your body can take in what it needs and let the rest pass through, really and truly?  Do you really know it, feel it in your bones?  If not, it’s okay, it’s all possible.  I just wrote about that the other day in my blog post about Things I’ve Learned, check it out, there is so much we need to know about our bodies, about it’s innate ability to heal, to take it in, pass through the rest, so much.  I’m only know learning it and it’s such a gift.

So let’s eat the treats, from a clear place, from a place of enjoyment, of celebration, because we can, we can throw away the rules, the societal expectations of guilt and calorie counting, let’s just eat and be merry.  Have your piece of chocolate cake, and then go about your day.  And don’t go hiding the desserts or the chips so you can’t see them because you can’t control yourself.  Who said you can’t listen to your body, who said you are a depraved fiend who can’t stop eating?  Eat the cake, listen to your body, put it back on the shelf or in the fridge when you feel like you’ve had enough.

I’ll leave you with this amazingly hilarious video of a pig who just wants a cookie, but someone put them up on the fridge where he can’t reach them and he tries a zillion ways to get them. Let’s laugh at this and also see it’s truth, the truth of the “I don’t deserve this cookie, it’ll make me fat, etc, etc” that underlies most people’s dessert eating.  http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=FrTbnczYAd4&feature=player_embedded

Eat treats and be merry.  I know that I finally can and do.


4 thoughts on “Let’s eat treats!!

  1. Carla

    I want to start off my saying I loooove the sheep cupcakes you recreated making it filled with memories and love. I have always had a lil sweet tooth…..and I enjoy it making me fill yummy and filled with joy cause it also makes me giggle a lot when I eat a lot….:)
    Am new to you’re blog and loving every moment truly inspired my Friday afternoon made myself a cup of tea and reading you’re beautiful messages of wisdom, guidance and grace learning so much opening and sharing your heart of self healing I truly truly love you soooo much Bradlee each day I cherish in my heart the love and friendship I have with you always and forever a part of my heart wishing sweet beautiful Zara a belated birthday truly a shining light to everyone xoxo

  2. Thanks Carla! I’m so glad you’re reading it! YES!! We are so soul sisters in life and I’m so happy to be your friend and to share all this with you. Yes, we have been through lots and we will continue to be and we will support each other, giggle, swear and go for it all! Hey, do you remember that P. Diddy song we super used to dance to? I wish I could hear it again, just to remember that time we were standing at the car about to get in and I super blasted it. For some reason, I know I’ll never forget that day, maybe because we were actually being true to ourselves, singing and dancing, like we wanted to!!

  3. This is so true! I’m heading along many journey paths at the moment, but food without guilt or negativity is a major one. If I truly feel like eating it (I allow myself a few minutes to decide) I will go eat it. What a joy. Trusting my body and its cravings.

    1. Nice!! Yes! I so had to get to this place of eating and not associating it with my mood or eating from a place of covering things up and I am truly here and it is beautiful. I started reading Women, Food and God because it is supposed to be super helpful about helping women reclaim their relationship with food, but I only read 10 pages. On the 10th page, there was a quote from a woman who said, “wait a minute, I’m not broken,” and that was what I needed to read at the time, to realize that I wasn’t broken, I didn’t need fixing, I could just eat to nourish my body and because I love food and I enjoy it’s taste. Aha for sure for me! Total freedom!! Wohoo!!

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