The Matrix: How Neo dodging bullets is like how I feel since starting energy healing

You know, before I started doing energy healing with Jean Brazeau (jeanbrazeau at, the healer/coach/guide whom our family sees regularly, I always felt like a victim in life.  I always felt like I was at the mercy of the circumstances and situations I was in, and I felt like other people’s words could really hurt me.  I thought I was negative, judgemental, shy and lost.

Now I know that all of that was just stuck energy in my body and that we are all full of light and love.  All the negative thoughts and voices, those aren’t us, we are only love.  I know this because I have experienced it. I can hear those negative thoughts and say, “ahh, here they are,” and let them move on.  Jean has been coaching me that the negative was never me in the first place, that the love is in my heart, it is me, and it is here to stay if I am willing to let it all go and live as my true self.

I have let go of so much and I am actually lighter inside.  I can actually see those painful circumstances coming and I can dodge them, they don’t have power over me any more.  I am so much more free, so much more full of love.  I can’t ever believe that I thought I was shy, negative and lost (well okay, sometimes I still feel lost but it doesn’t have the same powerful pull over me like it used to).  This video is exactly what Jean and her healing have done for me.  She has helped me reclaim my life, my love and my true self.  I can dodge the bullets (the words, the circumstances, the beliefs, the judgements) now, just like Neo in this clip (it is still violent, so please keep away from the eyes of children)!!  I am so grateful to Jean.  May I be an example to the world of what is possible through healing, through reclaiming ourselves, through living our true lives as the love that we truly are.


One thought on “The Matrix: How Neo dodging bullets is like how I feel since starting energy healing

  1. Bradlee, you already are a shining example of what is possible through healing. How many others on the planet do you know who have let go of life long food allergies/sensitives for themselves and their child instantaneously? You Go Girl!!!!

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