On the eve of my birthday

On the eve of my birthday….

I sit back and reflect on my 31st year and what a crazy journey it has been!

We moved into a very peaceful home.

We found food freedom (please see My Healings: My Food Healing).

I started healing and discovering my true self.

I have learned that it is okay to do things for me.

I have learned that the sun is always there, behind the clouds.

I have learned to celebrate life, breathe and be grateful, truly grateful, for my life and all the circumstances that brought me here, closer to my true self than ever.

I have learned that I can sing loudly, dance boldly and in a big way, that I can tickle my daughter and be spontaneously fun, that I can cook pretty well, that my body can take in what it needs and let the rest pass through, that I can let life come to me instead of forcing my way through it, and most importantly, I have gotten in touch with the love that I truly am, and I can now see it in all people, instead of walking around with judgement, with wanting to be different and to hide, now I see the love, and I feel the love.  What a blessing.

So tonight, I celebrate the freedom I have found on this healing journey. I celebrate that I can eat Doritos and read Harry Potter while my husband is out of town and our beauty daughter sleeps.  I celebrate that I can sit here in my underwear typing this and that’s cool (instead of having to hide my body).  I can celebrate that my life no longer has an undercurrent of sadness and negativity, that I am growing, and shining and finding my bright light, and living my true life.

I love my life!
I love Robbin!!!
Food freedom, our first carbs of any kind in more than half a year, my mom's amazing cinnamon buns!!

5 thoughts on “On the eve of my birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Bradlee! “An undercurrent of negativity” is exactly what I feel in my life. I am looking forward to embarking on a journey similar to yours. The book “The Jouney” has arrived and I’m taking it with me tomorrow on vacation. I’m sure I’ll understand much more soon and be more ready to start walking a new path. This is very exciting 🙂

    1. Thanks for the well wishes Lisa and for your comments! Undercurrent of negativity…it’s not us, I wish I had known that earlier on. Get ready to welcome your true self in!! It is very exciting and the changes that come with healing are beyond rewarding and miraculous!

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