Our second family…our Earth family

The sun can light up our lives!

















Let’s let the light in.  The sun has so much to give us, it charges us up, it fills us up with its light and warmth.  I read this fantastic children’s book called The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer http://www.jamesendredy.com/bluedeer.htm and it changed my life.  It explains how we all have an Earth family, Father Sun, Mother Earth, Grandfather Fire, Sister Water and Brother Wind. They are all here to support us, to guide us, to comfort us and to nourish us, if we see them, if we let them.  Ever since reading this, I have drank water and felt like it is nourishing me, like it is helping my body to purify and to cleanse.  When I feel the wind, I smile and feel as though he is my brother.  When I remember, I feel the ground under my feet and know that my Earth mother is always with me.  The most amazing part is that our daughter innately knows this.  When I say, “hey there’s Father Sun to fill us up,” she screams out, “hey Father Sun.”  It kind of felt weird to me for a bit, and then there was that part of me that just knew it was the truth, that we are never alone, our planet provides so much for us and even gives us a second family to love and support us.


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