Let the light in

I have noticed, usually when lying in bed, that there are bright lights flashing in and across my eyes.  I just figured we all had this…I never knew what it was, but I kind of enjoyed it.  I sometimes pretended it was a light show to greet me or to help me get to sleep.  For some reason, I decided to ask our family’s healer/guide/coach about it last week when I went for my latest healing session.  She paused and consulted her guides and she said it was light.  And I said, “just light?” and she said, “yes and you can try to let it in.”  I smiled and a part of me totally agreed, I knew that it was a gift.  I’m still not too sure where it’s coming from, from the universe, from God, from a higher power, from angels, I’m not sure, but I do know I like it.

A picture that closely resembles what I see in my eyes, only not as clear (I found this photo on http://caravanofdreams.wordpress.com)


So, this morning I woke up at 5:30am and I snuck out of our daughter’s room (I often end up sleeping with her for most or part of the night) and I went to cuddle with my husband.  I didn’t think I would fall back asleep, so I was just lying there, enjoying it and then the lights flashed across my eyes.  I recognized them, and I let them in.  I’m not quite too sure what I did, if I non-verbally invited them in or what, but they came in.  I did that for about a minute and then before I knew it, I was waking up nearly 45 minutes later.  I was quite surprised and I had woken up forgetting about the lights.

Then at night, I was putting our daughter Zara to sleep and she was restless and tired and quite squirmy.  I was holding her, and then we were lying down together and I was trying to calm down myself, in an effort to help her settle.  I quieted my mind by telling my higher levels (we all have these, they are the parts of us that are only concerned with love, compassion and enjoyment, our lower levels identify with the body, they are the me, me, me levels, where the ego resides, where the money/power/greed parts lie) to take command so that I could be my true self (Jean, the healer taught me this and I’ve also read about it in Will Linville’s book, Living in a Body on a Planet: Your Divine Abilities) and quiet down and be calm in my mind and heart.  That worked nicely, she was less squirmy, and then I saw the lights again, and I remembered how I had let them in this morning and how I had fallen asleep.  I decided to try it with Zara, to see if it could possibly help her too.  I let several lights in and then they changed colors, and  became more purple.  I knew that it was more significant somehow, but it may only have been because Jean told me once that purple is one of the highest colors (even then, I’m not sure what that means!).  Then before I knew it, probably in less than a minute, Zara was asleep.  I was really surprised and quite pleased!

I ran downstairs and told my husband, and I said, “I have something really significant to tell you,” and the funny part is that I don’t know why it’s significant, but I figure it must be.  Did I just stumble upon a new relaxation technique that can help us all?  Can it help the parents of young children who are desperate (like I have been!) to help their children get to sleep?  Who knows!  If you read this and you have some insights, please write a comment!!


4 thoughts on “Let the light in

  1. I started seeing colours around november of 2011. When I went for a Reiki treatment a few weeks ago I saw lots more colours. I’m not sure why all of a sudden I can see colours when my eyes are closed, but I suspect it is a signal of your growing connections to your spirituality. More things have come and changed my vision a bit. I suggest some Pineal gland meditations. you’ll see more colours and movement. When I started that it looked like the inside of a lava lamp


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