Oh my crap….

Grandpa says, “Holy crap,” and then Zara says, “Holy crap!”

Tee hee.  The other day, Grandpa was over. He was casually chatting with us when he said, “holy crap,” about something.  I heard it, Zara heard it and then of course she said it.  I giggled, being the ever diplomatic mom, and then Grandpa heard it. I said to Zara, “well it’s kind of like saying oh my goodness.”  So then she turned it into, “oh my crap,” and there you have it.  I was leaning back I was laughing so hard.  That’s always been my sense of humor. Say a swear word, or penis, or balls, or boobs and I’ll laugh for 20 minutes.  I can’t hold it back, not even for the sake of a 3 year old.  Thanks Grandpa and thanks Zara, that was hilarious!


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