Women of the world unite

Women of the world!  Let us unite!

Each month, our bodies unite with a common purpose, they let go of what we don’t need, the egg and the lining of the uterus that are no longer required.  Each month, we are given the chance to bear life, to bring forward another soul into this world.  Us.  Women.  Let us unite in this purpose.  Let us heal together, let us breathe together, let us dance and celebrate together.  Let us agree to let go of our past history of oppression, abuse, rape, silence and powerlessness.  Let us unite and move forward.  Let us hold hands and support one another, let us grow together and let us teach each other.  Let us be equal, not prettier, not better, not smarter, not anything, let us let go of judgment, let us hold all women as one, let’s unite as one, let’s be free.  Let us hold each other in a place of love and peace and support.  Let us hold our babies and children to our breasts to nourish them and to in turn nourish ourselves and the world.  Let us trust ourselves and one another, let us let go of competition and she said this and she did this.  Let us unite.

Let us unite in love and motherhood and sisterhood.  We are not alone, we are all together, united.

A beautiful image of the shape of our hands, the shape they make in a state of rest, a heart. (www.sodahead.com is where I got this picture from, from a google image search!)

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