Trusting our kids and ourselves: life lessons since becoming a mama

You become a parent, your life is completely changed forever.  You learn to let go, you learn to trust, you learn to listen to your instincts, you learn to laugh and how to play again.  You learn that your child is completely separate from you, but is attached to you all the same, and that’s okay too.  You learn that your perceptions of a situation are vastly different than your child’s.  You learn that just because you are cold, it doesn’t mean that your child is.  You realize that just because you wouldn’t wear a skirt with a dress, with the dress on backwards, doesn’t mean that your child won’t!  You learn that wearing a tutu with a bathing suit in the middle of the winter is okay because it’s fun and it’s what she wanted to wear today.

You learn that just because you weren’t daring and adventurous as a child, that it doesn’t mean that your child isn’t!  You learn that all the things that you hated while you were growing up don’t apply now and that you don’t need to protect your child from those same things because they aren’t a part of your life anymore.  You learn that healing and letting go of all the pain and sadness inside is the best gift you can give yourself and your child, so you can both be free, so you can be your true selves, live your true lives and not be burdened and boxed in by the old emotions, repressed and unacknowledged.

You learn that Halloween is totally for tricking and treating and for eating all the treats.  You learn that the body can take what it needs and let the rest pass through.  You learn that enjoyment of the food is so much more important than fearing the ingredients in them.  You learn that you have the power, that you always did and that you don’t have to look any further than your own self when you are feeling lost, scattered, scared or overwhelmed.  You learn the same about your body, that it can be trusted, it wants to support you, show you what it can do, that it communicates with you all the time with pain, fatigue and disease as a way to say, hey, this isn’t right.  Let it all go it says, let it all go.  Emotions, fears and limiting beliefs don’t need to run the show any longer.

You learn that making silly faces is awesome and fun.  You learn that your body is beautiful no matter what, it just is, just like you just are.  You aren’t this or that, you just are.  That there isn’t right or wrong, or good or bad, things and you, just are.  You learn to accept things the way they are.  You learn to roll with the punches.  You learn that you are so much more than your feelings.  You learn that you are really great, you are very capable, even brilliant and that all those negative voices in your head aren’t you and that you can find freedom from them.

I’ve healed with Jean Brazeau who does lots of healing stuff like reiki, shamanism, NLP, The Journey, Universalis.  I didn’t know about any of this before and I found Jean because I was desperate.  Now I’m radiant, tee hee, most of the time and those doubting negative voices are leaving and here I am learning all of this with new found freedom and I’m not as hard on myself, I’m not as negative, all of that wasn’t me, it was just repressed emotions and even emotions that my parents felt when I was little, even stuff from past lives.  I’m starting to live my true life and thank goodness.  Thank goodness I am here, I am here for me, I am here to witness my daughter’s beautiful unfolding and I am here, living my life.  Thank goodness.  May the lessons continue and may the trust in myself and my daughter grow.  Peace and goodnight.


One thought on “Trusting our kids and ourselves: life lessons since becoming a mama

  1. Hi Michael!

    Thanks so much for visiting this blog and for reading! I appreciate it! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog too! I’m new at this whole thing so it’s great to know someone is enjoying it as much as I am!

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