Children are so much more than just cute

Gosh darnit.  I really feel like so many people are missing out on the magic of children.  Young children are so much more than their small

bodies and their higher pitched voices.  My daughter and all children, are beautiful, open, full of magic and love, and we

need to treat them like that.  Come to think of it, we all need to think of each other like that!  We are all beings, we are all full of love,

even if it does get buried under what we call life.


I see how some people interact with children, only ever telling them how nice that doggy is on their shirt, ruffling their hair,

or talking to them for a second and then getting back to talking to me, just like the token bits of things to say/do to a kid.  I’m trying to steer away

from judgment, so I’m not sure how I’m doing so far….tee hee.  I’m not necessarily saying that they are doing it wrong, but man,

there is soooo much more (even for us adults, so much more than boring chit chat about gas prices, what the guy did in line at Starbucks, etc!!!).

I see my daughter, I see how she responds so much to people who bend down to talk to her, who engage

her, who don’t just pester her with thousands of questions instead of letting their love come through and allowing hers to grace them too.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the thousands of questions barrage, even with my friends or people I meet, I so love flow, I love to see it all

unfold and happen without having to try, and it seems like so many people feel like they have to try so hard with kids and so they have to talk

about how the kids shoes match their shirt instead of just really smiling and saying hi, nice to see you again and seeing where it leads.

Ya, okay, so maybe this is judgment (judgement, why can words be spelled two ways?!).  Maybe I’m just confused about why we seem so lost

as a society when it comes to talking to kids when we were all kids…  Maybe it’s because we weren’t talked to like that either?   And we still don’t talk from our

hearts to each other….


I’ve met some amazing people who make children important, who see them, who love them, who engage them and don’t just treat

them like small cute things.  I’m so grateful to those people, who guided me along, who showed me the values and virtues of children

and who paved the way for me to becoming a child advocate and a happy child interacter (I may have just made up that word?).

The Natural Child Project: is gold for information about respecting, loving and seeing children for who they are.

The book Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting is pure solid gold in the form of a book, and it has guided me to see children for who they

are (as well as myself).  I owe my sanity and peace of mind as well as the occasional parenting bliss/ease that I experience to both of those references.



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