Humbled and thank goodness

I went to see Jean Brazeau ( yesterday, the healer/guide that our family works with here in Ottawa.   Thank goodness.

I was so stuck in judgment, so stuck in right and wrong, good or bad.  I’ve been working on not being responsible for everyone around me,

and I’ve so improved at that, but I didn’t realize that while not being responsible for them, I was still judging the shit out of everyone and

everything.  Man, I hate that and I am soooo glad to have gone to Jean’s house to heal and to move beyond and to release all of that

out of my body.  I didn’t know that I was so stuck in judgment or that it was going to come up yesterday but it did.

Judging is so mentally and physically draining.  My ear was hurting this past month, so was my shoulder, and since releasing

all of that yesterday, both feel much better.  The body actually starts to shut down as we go against our true selves, and

judging is not who we are, it’s just what we get stuck in, what is all around us.  It’s only when it can be highlighted like it was for me

yesterday and released that I was finally able to find some peace.

Through Jean and healing, I have learned that we are all on different journeys, that we can walk side by side, that nothing

is right, nothing is wrong, it just is.  The peace that I experienced yesterday after releasing the suffocation I felt inside

from growing up around judgment was bliss.  Am I going to judge again?  Probably, but I’ll be more aware of it,

I’ll move through it and know that it is not me, and that I can live in neutrality and love.  Love, not judgment.  That’s what

I choose.


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