I am not responsible for the world or my friends or my loved ones!!

This is the lesson of the century for me right now.  I am trying to let go of fixing myself, fixing everyone around me.

I am NOT RESPONSIBLE!!  If I care about you, chances are I’ve been responsible for you, I’ve taken on your hardships,

your issues, your stuff and I’ve somehow made it my own.  I’m learning now how harmful that is to me, how much it

slows me down both physically and mentally, and how it really doesn’t help anyone.  I am learning to be, to be

around others and to show them how much I love them and leave it at that.  If I have an opportunity to help

them to see their true selves, beyond the issues, beyond the shit, then that’s beautiful and awesome, if not

then my love is there, without judgment, without criticism, without boundaries.

Thank you to my soul for reaching out to me, to teach me the importance of my letting go.

Thank you to my body for letting me know each time I am holding on to someone and their journey through

physical discomfort or pain.

Thank you to William Linville and his amazing book (http://www.williamlinville.com) that have helped me realize how deep

this is for me and for showing me the way to let it all go.

Thank you to Jean Brazeau, the healer/guide/show me my true self coach who has

helped me shine and rediscover the joys of me and my life.


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