I’ve been so excited to share what has happened to me in the past few years and I’ve finally found a way to do it!

I’m planning on sharing my life experiences and lessons learned and celebrating.  Here are some examples of things I’ll share:

-information on parenting like:

  1. mindful parenting
  2. diaper free baby
  3. continuum concept
  4. being there for your kids and putting them first
  5. co-sleeping
  6. breast-feeding
  7. trials and tribulations and opportunities for growth
  8. children as teachers
  9. rediscovering fun
  10. so much more

-information about finding your true self through various healing modalities

-insights on life, who we are, how to find our true selves

-tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way about how to stay true

and not get distracted by the world, life and emotions

-awesome recipes I’ve tried, invented or discovered

-the joys of life and other things as my heart tells me to write about them.

I so look forward to sharing the journey of life with anyone who reads this.

Love, many blessings and namaste,



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